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A Worm in a Well or Giant Worm is a common enemy in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. They are giant, pink worms with segmented bodies that reside in green and sometimes brick Wells. These monsters will half exit their dwellings and attempt to bite Croc when he is close.


These worms live in wells, and when Croc gets too close to the well, the worm will pop half its body out and try to bite him. In order for Croc to avoid being bitten, he must run away from the opening, out of the worm's range, and wait until it attacks and retreats back into its hole. It will remain there for a short time allowing Croc to pass but will reemerge if Croc is still there.

Most wells contain a jelly, and if Croc jumps into the hole and bounces on it, the worm will not appear again until Croc steps away from the well. In fact, once the worm retreats into the well, it will not reemerge at all if Croc is too close, and will not attack again until he is a certain distance away.

They are invincible enemies, and cannot be harmed by any of Croc's attacks.


Inside the worms' wells are usually Jelly Jumps that prevent Croc from going deeper down. The exception is the one Well Worm in "And So The Adventure Begins", in which jumping down the brick well leads to a cave.

Notable appearances[]

Worm in a Well - Secret Room 01

The Bonus Area with five Worm in a Wells.

At the beginning of the level "Fight Night With Flibby," there is a rock that can be destroyed by stomping atop it. This reveals a small pit in which sparkling stars transport Croc to an underground bonus area with five giant well worms. Above each well is an Extra Life, which can be reached by bouncing on the Jelly Jumps inside each well. This cave holds the most Worms in Wells than any other area.

Levels found[]


  • Most of the wells contain a jelly in the bottom, it being unknown how the worms get by them.
  • In one level, "The Curvy Caverns", one well contains a secret extra heart within it beside the jelly.
  • In the beta version of Croc, one worm resides in a tree stump.
  • The only worm in the game to reside in a brick well is the one in the level "And so the Adventure Begins". All other worms reside in the typical green well.


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