Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

King Gobbo's cute little pet mammoth, he wander up Devil Tower, home of mean little Unga Bungas!

–Caveman Gobbo

Unga Bungas are enemies found in Croc 2.


Unga Bungas are a group of three small creatures with black, spiky bodies. They wear a brown mask with painted, gritted, teeth, where their constant frowning shows through. Along with them, they always carry around a wooden club with them.

They appear exclusively in Climb the Devil's Tower!, where they appear in front of Croc, often after the Caveman King's Mammoth has run further up the tower. They will grab their cluband swing it towards Croc.

They can be stunned with a tail whip, but will eventually get back up again and continue their actions.

Levels Found[]

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