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The Snowman's Parts is a level in Cossack Village in the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.


(note: this guide currently does not include all crystals)

Go right, leaping onto the platform. Take care of the Dantini and head upwards on the bridge. Jump to the left platform and let it take you to the next platform. Defeat the Dantini and head up to the next area.

On this icy platform, move straight up, avoiding the Dantini. Enter the next screen. Move up and turn right avoiding the Dantini as always, and leap to the platform up. Careful not to slide off the edge! Continue up and leap to the next platform, grab the Yellow Crystal and move left. Turn up at the sign post.

In the next area, enter the screens in the following order (as specified in the sign post from the previous screen):

  • Left
  • Up
  • Up
  • Right
  • Down

If done correctly, you'll now be in a new area. Go down and collect the bucket. Turn left and continue down, exiting this area at the bottom. Avoid the Dantini. In the next screen, go down and push the box into the water. Return to the previous area. Go back to where you got the bucket and continue the path right across the bridge, following it down to the next screen.

Keep going down and push the box into the water to block the water. Fall down and collect the hand. Climb back up on the right and collect the large crystal, then head up one more platform (so you're back on the level with the boxes) and head to the lower left part of the screen. Exit to the next area.

Proceed down and defeat the Dantini. Push the boxes onto the grates and to the left, one of the platforms will be lowered. Grab the Red Crystal. Now leap onto the two boxes and to the next platform, and grab the final item, the scarf.



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