Not to be confused with the level Secret Sentinel.

The Secret Sentinel battle

Screenshot of The Secret Sentinel during gameplay

The Secret Sentinel is both the very last level and the final Guardian level of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. It is here you verse Baron Dante in his final, crystal form. He appears on Crystal Island and hovers above a bottomless pit. He shoots lightning at Croc and can only be destroyed by the simultaneous reverberation of four Beany Bird Gongs.


Crystal Dante

The Secret Sentinel after defeat.

The Secret Sentinel attacks by shooting energy balls and blasts at Croc. The blasts are fairly hard to dodge, so to avoid dying, have at least one crystal to absorb the attacks. Or just hit a Beany Gong as soon as the fight starts because The Sentinel stops everything, including attacking, and wails in pain when a Beany Gong is hit. Whilst he is temporarily disabled, this gives Croc time to get to the next Beany Gong and hit it, then the next, and the next, etc. Croc must continue hitting all four of the Beany Gongs until they are reverberating at the same time to defeat the Secret Sentinel.


  • When defeating this Guardian, the cutscene appears to show the Secret Sentinel as a much smaller character and much less transparent than when fighting it at the beginning, hinting that his body was altered after his battle with Croc.
  • When Croc defeats The Secret Sentinel, he cries and shatters in to hundreds of crystals. Croc picks up one crystal and carries it away, which may explain why Baron Dante 2 is missing an eye in Croc 2 but in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos has both eyes.
  • The Secret Sentinel cannot be attacked directly, instead, Croc must hit all four Beany Gongs at the same time, because the sound of the gongs is the Sentinel's weakness. The only other character that does not require a direct attack is Fosley.
  • His arena is one of two to contain crystals, the other being Cactus Jack.
  • This is the only Guardian level not to contain 50 crystals.