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When Croc has lost all of his small hearts, the Tail of Phoenix will refill them so you will not lose a life.

–Croc 2 manual

The Tail of the Phoenix (PhoenixTail-ICON) is an item exclusive to the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.

The item can be purchased from Swap Meet Pete's General Store for 75 crystals.

When purchased, it will automatically revive Croc when his health reaches 0. This does not activate when he falls down a pit, however.

You are only allowed to carry one at a time.


  • The official manual misspells this item as 'Tale of Phoenix'. On the same page, it incorrectly mentions the item as simply 'Tail of Phoenix'.[1]
    • It's also the only item in the manual not to have an associated sprite, suggesting a late implementation.
  • Despite the name, there are no phoenixes in the entire Croc series.
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