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Hello Croc! How can I be of assistance?

–Swap Meet Pete

Swap Meet Pete is a cat who appears in Croc 2. He serves as both the resource for Items and transportation throughout the game. He has shops in all of the villages, and he can send Croc between them using a Magic Crystal Ball. He seems to know more than he's letting on. He also is very greedy, and sells items for very high prices, probably because there's no competition. Swap Meet Pete looks after the Gobbos, and any friend of his is a friend of the Gobbos.

Official Bio[]

"The local trader who knows more than he is letting on. His shop sells everything from finely crafted Clockwork Gobbos to delicious Gummi Savers. There is still no answer to what Swap Meet Pete wears under his gown!"


Once Croc lands in Oki-Doki, a Gobbo greets him and gives him a Swap Meet Pete Loyalty Card. Every Crystal that Croc collects is deposited into the card. Croc first meets Swap Meet Pete in his store in Sailor Village, where he soon explains of his services of selling merchandise and transporting you afar.

When Croc finds his parents, Swap Meet Pete appears and congratulates Croc on his success.


  • In a prototype image, Swap Meet Pete's store has a poster on it saying Bongo Bob. This may have been an early name for Swap Meet Pete.
    • Also in a prototype image, Swap Meet Pete was originally a lot smaller, matching Croc in height.
  • Gobbos have said that Swap Meet Pete is an "odd guy" and "stupid," but always agree he is also a nice guy.
  • According to Lead Designer, Nic Cusworth: Swap Meet Pete was named after our lead animator, Pete. Swap meets are like car boot sales in the US. Cannon Boat Keith was named after our then development manager. Flavio the thermal fish was named after the project's server, which was named after the F1 guy... I could go on...


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