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"Who are you?! Hmmm. Not look like Dantini!"
This article is about the character. For the level, see Soveena the Squid.

Soveena the Squid is a boss in Croc 2 and Croc 2 (Game Boy Color).


Soveena is a pale purple squid with dull green eyes.


Soveena notices the Ginger Soda that are being counted in Sailor Village. As a result of her love for the stuff, she arrives at the village and starts causing mayhem, all so that she can get the crates of Ginger Soda.

In the Game Boy Color port, she blocks off the harbour completely.

Official Bio[]

"This Ginger Soda obsessed monster of the deep just cannot control herself when she gets the slightest whiff of Ginger Soda. The Sailor Gobbos have worked long and hard to build up fortified Ginger Soda stores but when Soveena wants soda, Soveena WANTS soda!"



  • According to the old website, Soveena has a crush on Croc.[1]


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