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"Who are you?! Hmmm. Not look like Dantini!"
This article is about the level. For the character, see Soveena the Squid (Character).

Soveena the Squid is the first Guardian the player comes across in Croc 2 in Sailor Village. Soveena has a love of Ginger Soda and came to steal all of the Gobbo's soda.

Required to enter[]


Smash open the first two crystal crates, then move to the edge of the Spike Pit and jump up to hang from the grate. Swing along the Grate collecting the crystals. At the T-junction, take the right branch towards the Devil Dantini. Drop off at the end after he takes a shot, which will pass underneath you, and tail swipe him. Smash open the crate behind him, then return to underneath the grate and return to the junction. Go right to collect the last of the crystals underneath. Drop to the ground at the end, then turn around and triple-jump to the top of the Grate. Stomp open the two crystal crates to be found up there, then return to the exit from this area.

For the Guardian fight, walk into the TNT Crate that the Gobbo helpfully drags out for you to pick it up. Now you just need to get it to Soveena. While on the beach, don't stay in one spot for long, or Soveena will toss a crate at you. With the TNT in hand, head out to the end of the dock and jump to either floating crate when they're nearby. Float to the opposite end of its path of movement, then jump to one of the small barrels. Remember that even though Croc can swim, the TNT crate that he's carrying will explode and injure him if he falls into the water. From the small barrel, jump onto the larger barrel floating on its side, then drift towards Soveena. Face directly towards her, then press [Square] to toss the TNT crate, removing one marker from her damage meter. You can now jump into the water and swim back to short. Don't dawdle as you do so, because Soveena will throw bombs into the water, somewhat randomly. Pick up a second TNT Crate and repeat the process. For the third pass, you'll notice that Soveena has singed some of the floating objects so that you'll be hurt if you step on them. All this does is limit your options for travel, but the jumps remaining are no more difficult than any other. Jump to the floating crate straight out from the dock, then to the barrel nearest the fence, then to the same larger barrel floating on its side to reach Soveena, and toss the final TNT Crate at her. Now that you've shown here who's boss, she will retreat, and you will receive 50 crystals for your troubles, and your Heart Meter will be fully restored if this brings your stage total up to 100.



Croc 2 (PC) - Sailor Village - Soveena the Squid


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