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"Who are you?! Hmmm. Not look like Dantini!"
This article is about the enemy in the GBC game. For the ally in Croc 2, see Tree Snake.

Snakes are very common enemies found in Croc (Game Boy Color).

Snakes also appear in Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble! and Croc Mobile: Pinball.


Croc (GBC)[]


A snake in a forest level

Snakes are very basic enemies in the game. They move back and forth, with no other method of attack.

Sometimes, they might blend in with their surroundings, particularly in the early levels, where their green colour camouflages against their background.

Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble![]

Snakes are found as standard enemies in levels in the Jungle.

Croc Mobile: Pinball[]

A red and yellow snake appears on the main pinball board. Sliding down the snake awards points.

Levels found[]


  • Snakes were planned to appear in the console game, but ended up as deleted creatures. They can be found in some early levels.
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