Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Save the Gobbo is a level in Sailor Village in the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.


Go left to the next screen, then take the upper path, defeating any Dantinis you pass. Continue following the path around until you leave via a screen at the top.

Push the box all the way to the top, and leap onto it. Run and jump to the platform on your right. Leap up, defeat the Dantini and continue right to the next screen.

On this screen, keep going right until you reach the end. Go down the last path (be careful of the Dantini on the right) and enter the next screen.

Go down and left, entering the next area. Run and jump to the next platform, avoid/defeat the Dantini and grab the Red Crystal. Keep going up, then run and jump to the right platform. Run and jump to the platform above. Continue walking upwards and then turn left.

Here, you'll see two boxes and two coloured floor tiles. Push the boxes onto the tiles to unlock the door, or push the left one to the side to reach the grass above and grab the crystal. Once the door is open, grab the key inside and move down, defeating the Dantini in the path. Continue down, grab the Blue Crystal and fall down to the platform below, defeating the Dantini as necessary.

Continue by taking the upper right pathway, defeating the Dantini here. Move to the next area and keep moving right, straight to the next area. From here, continue onward until you see an area where you can jump up. Jump up and move to the left of the screen. Follow the path around for the Light Blue Crystal.

Follow it back around and go down, then left to the previous area. Keep going left to the next screen and cross the bridges. At the end the path will go down, and you can free the gobbo.



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