Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Save Robo Gobbo is a level in Caveman Village in the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.


(note: this guide currently does not include all crystals)

As you enter the level, you follow the path around. Or, if you're good at this game, you can leap off the first platform to the top right, skipping a significant part of the area. If not, before you exit at the top of the screen, leap right (the broken blocks do what you expect them to do, disappear shortly after you land on them) to grab the Blue Crystal.

In this next area, move up and leap on the platform, then leap to your right. Drop down and follow the path right, leap over and exit at the top of the screen. Now leap onto the platform ahead. Once you move to its center, it will start to move. Avoid the flames that come out of the holes, and move up once it's docked. Grab the Light Blue Crystal and move to the next moving platform on your right. Avoid the flame, and leave this area by going up past the signpost.

This is another area like we saw back in The Snowman's Parts. The Path of Delusion is as follows:

  • Right
  • Down
  • Down
  • Left
  • Up

If done correctly, you'll be in a new place. Grab the Red Crystal and take care of the Dantini. At either side of this area there is a large crystal, so grab those if you need to. Then jump to the center platform, defeat the Dantini and grab the Robo Gobbo.


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