Sailor Village (also known as Oki-doki) is the first Village in Croc 2. It has a lot of grass, flowers, and beaches surrounding it.

Croc lands here first, where he is introduced to several Gobbos who are checking boxes of Ginger Soda. It also acts as a tutorial of sorts for Croc to explore and get used to his abilities. The Gobbos here wear clothes that match the theme of their Village.


Sailor Village has a lot of sandy beaches, a large river that runs through the village and much greenery and flowers around the area. It is also home to a few dark caves with mine carts.


Croc 2 LevelsEdit

Code Title Type Image
1-1 Find the Key! Save the Gobbo! Normal Level
1-2 Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests Normal Level
1-3 Croc Vs. Dantini Boat Race Normal Level
1-4 Save the Bird from the Thief Normal Level
1-5 Get the Gobbo's Sandwich! Normal Level
1-B1 Soveena the Squid Guardian Level
1-B2 Cannon Boat Keith Guardian Level
1-G Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine Secret Level


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  • In the first area of the Sailor Village there is a sign that says "Bye Bye!" in the US version, but in other versions it says "Welcome to Oki-Doki!". The reason why they are different is unknown.
  • In an early screenshot, the door to the front of Sailor Village is absent, suggesting that Croc would have arrived at the entrance leading inside.
Croc 2 Levels
Sailor Village Find the Key! Save the Gobbo!Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!Find 5 Lost Treasure ChestsCroc Vs. Dantini Boat RaceSave the Bird from the ThiefGet the Gobbo's Sandwich!Soveena the SquidCannon Boat KeithSailor Tribe - Secret Mine
Cossack Village Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos!KaBoom! It's Roger Red AntChase the Choo Choo TrainHang Glider ValleyIt's Just Snowball Madness!Flavio the Thermal FishLava Lamp LarryCossack Tribe - Secret Ice Cap
Caveman Village Find the Wheels in the Jungle!Find the Wheels in the Mine!Race Day at GoldrockClimb the Devil's Tower!Save 50 Trapped Gobbos!Venus Fly Von-TrappeThe Village MasherCaveman Tribe - Secret Mine
Inca Village Save 30 Gobbo Babies!Up The WaterfallInca Tribe - Secret MazeDante's PeakBride of the Dungeon of DefrightGoo Man Chu's TowerDante's Final Fight
Secret Sailor Village Sailor Secret 1Sailor Secret 2Sailor Secret 3Sailor Secret 4Sailor Secret 5
Secret Cossack Village Cossack Secret 1Cossack Secret 2Cossack Secret 3Cossack Secret 4Cossack Secret 5
Secret Caveman Village Caveman Secret 1Caveman Secret 2Caveman Secret 3Caveman Secret 4Caveman Secret 5