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Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine is the eighth level in Sailor Village and the first Jigsaw Piece level in the game.

Entry Requirements[]

  • Obtain the Golden Gobbo Statue for each of the five non-Guardian levels in this Village.


The Devil Dantini straight ahead of you can be avoided easily enough. Go left around him, and pass the island with the Cage, in which you can see the Jigsaw Piece. Go straight past the Mine Cart, and jump to the island with the two crystal crates. Smash them open, then jump back and ride the Mine Cart. For this ride, you only need to stay still to collect all of the crystals along the center of the tracks.

When you finally come to a halt, jump on top of the platform crate, but don't just stomp it open carelessly. Instead, do a triple jump from on top of it to grab the edge of the hanging grate above (the platform crate creates platforms in a different room). Pull yourself up and eliminate the Devil Dantini, then collect the loose crystals and break open the crystal crate up here. Jump back down to the ground, then move to the far end of the cavern, where a stack of crystal crates stands beside another Mine Cart. Break open the former and hop onto the latter, then enjoy another ride in which you will collect all of the crystals without any effort on your part.

In the new cavern, eliminate the Devil Dantini, then hop across the platforms (which were created by the platform crate in the previous room) over the Lava behind him to stomp open two crystal crates. Go back and enter the tunnel at the end of the cavern to find a Gold Key, a Heart, and a crystal crate. Return to the previous cavern, and ride the Mine Cart again.

Back in the cavern with the overhanging Grate, enter the tunnel near the first Mine Cart. When you enter a new room, take the path to the right, jumping over a small Lava Pit to collect a couple of crystals. If you care to, you can jump down the crumbling platforms at the end here to reach a small area with a Heart and a Pirate Dantini, then return to the previous junction and take the other tunnel.  At the end, you can see down into the starting cavern. Jump down, then jump to the Cage to unlock it and pick up the Jigsaw Piece.  Your job is now complete.



Croc 2 (PC) - Sailor Village - Jigsaw Piece


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