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That big meanie, Roger Red Ant! He kidnapped Gobbos, tied them all to crates of dynamites! He going to blow up them all into next week if Croc not stop him!

–Cossack Gobbo

Roger Red Ant - Icon

Roger Red Ant is a minor villain that first appeared in Croc 2. He doesn't fight Croc directly, only taunting him trough his level.



Roger Red Ant kidnaps some Gobbos in Cossack Village, roping them to an explosive crate. His motivations are not proper explained in-game, but it can be inferred that he is working for the resurrected Baron Dante.

In his level, he toys with Croc by creating explosives for him to carry or disarm in a time limit, while rescuing the kidnapped Gobbos. Trough out the level he taunts Croc with his words.

After completing his challenges, Croc comes face to face with Roger Red Ant. He claims that Croc has fallen into his trap, however a kidnapped Gobbo say he rewired the explosives, causing Roger Red Ant to explode.


Roger Red Ant is a sadistic foe, calling his traps "fun" and treating Croc's rescue mission as a game. He shows no remorse for kidnapping and threating the life of the Gobbos.


His design seems to use a red Dantini as a base. Differently from Dantinis, he has antennas and is wearing a spelunking helmet with a lantern. He uses a sci-fi looking hovering segway to move around.


  • "I'm Roger Red Ant, I'm going to blow up you into smithereens!"
  • "Let's have some fun! Try to get the bomb box to the end of the corridor before it goes KABOOOM! You'd better be quick!"
  • "Big Bomb Box is going to go KABOOOM! Grrr... Croc better not smash my timer switches!"
  • "Ha! These bomb boxes will go KABOOOM if you touch 'em! Bet you're not quick enough!"
  • "My rolling barrel will make Croc go KABOOM!"
  • "Ha ha! MORE rolling barrels and my Dantini friends will make Croc go KABOOOM!"
  • "Watch out for my swinging fireballs!"
  • "I'm tired of you, Croc! You won't succeed this time!"
  • "This fuse is going to blow your Gobbo friend SKY HIGH!"
  • "You have fallen into my trap little Croc! TAKE THIS! Huh? What's wrong? OH NO!"
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