Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

The polls undertaken on the Croc Wiki website are located in the bottom right corner of the page on the Home page.

How Often Do You Edit Here?[]

  • Poll undertaken November 2nd 2008 - March 9th 2009

Who is Your Favorite Croc Character?[]

  • Poll undertaken March 10th 2009 - May 23rd 2009

Which Gobbo monarch do you think is the best ruler?[]

  • Poll undertaken May 24th 2009 - ?

Which island in Croc 1 do you think is the best?[]

  • Poll Undertaken ?

Which Croc game do you think was the hardest to complete?[]

  • Poll Undertaken March 7th, 2014- present

Which Guardian in Croc 2 do you think was the hardest to defeat?[]

  • Poll Undertaken March 27th, 2014- present