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A Croc Plush Toy (also known as a soft toy, plushie or stuffed animal) was made as promotional prizes for the release of the first game.


The Croc plush toy could be won in various Croc Contests. Like most merchandise, it was never available for retail purchase, and remains one of the most sought after Croc items.

Five winners received a Croc Plush through the Crocs Away contest, and ten more were handed out during a tour of the Argonaut studios.

The plush toy is small, featuring Croc with his arms in the air, with his backpack attached.

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  • Most of the plush toys in the UK were handed out during the second game's run, despite the toy being a Croc: Legend of the Gobbos toy.
  • The plush depicts Croc with red back spikes, instead of green.
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