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Dessert level

Croc jumping on platforms in the v0.12 Beta

A Platform is an object used to navigate levels. They are generally jumped or walked on. The most common form is a stationary platform, however, there are several different kinds of platforms in game. There are a variety of different styles for many platforms, but they all react the same.

In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos[]


Some platforms may move or perform another action when jumping on a switch/button. For example, they may make platforms appear or move.

Platforms in Croc Legend of the Gobbos
Name Description Image
Stationary Platform This type of platform does not move or break and permanently floats in place. This is the most common platform in the game. One of the platforms will transport Croc to a Bonus Area when stomped on three times in the first level And So The Adventure Begins, which is the second platform in the first part of the level.
Tree Stump Platform This platform is also stationary, but its appearance is smaller than the standard platforms. Care must be taken when landing o n these platforms as they are easier to miss the jump, especially on ice levels on Ice Island, in which they are slippery.
Tree stump platform screenshot
Breaking Platform This type of platform does not move, but will break after it is stood on for a certain amount of time. It has a similar appearance to the stationary platform, but sports a large crack spiderwebbing from the center. This is the second most common type of platform. Once broken, the breaking platform will respawn after a few seconds.
Breaking platform
Driving Platform This type of platform, once stepped on, cannot be walked off of. Walking or running in any direction results in the platform hovering in that direction. To disembark from this platform, the player must jump off. Has a purple appearance with a circle in the center. When moving, this platform makes a motorized sound.
Driving Platform
Falling Platform This platform, once stepped on, will begin shaking and, after a few seconds, fall very quickly. These platforms are blue in color, and have arrows pointing down around the outer sides. Makes whistling sound when falling.
Falling Platform
Moving Platform This type of platform will move around part of a level which Croc can use to get to another area. Some may move up and down, left and right, and some a combination of both. Some can be activated by Switches or Buttons, which often will move and reset to its original position. Other platforms of this type may only move when Croc jumps on it.
Rotating Platform Identical in appearance to the stationary platforms, these platforms rotate on the central axis of the platform at a constant speed, which speed can vary from platform to platform.
Carousel Platform Identical in appearance to the stationary platforms, these platforms orbit around a central point at a constant speed. There is usually more than one in a platform carousel. Occasionally, the Rotating Platform and the Carousel Platform may be combined, into essentially a carousel of rotating platforms.
Carousel Platform
Juggled Platform These platforms are just like regular platforms, except they come up from pits by being 'juggled' by fireballs or iceballs for a short time, before going back into the pit.
ISHSW bonus
Sparking Star Platform Also known as the Bonus Area Platform, these platforms are hidden in some levels and when landed on will activate Sparkling Stars which take Croc to a bonus area which usually contains lives and crystals.
Sparking Star Platform
Arrow Shaped Platform These platforms are in the shape of a two way block arrow with buttons at each end, so when Croc stands on one of the buttons, the platform moves in that direction.
Darkness Descends 1
Tall Platform This type of platform is sandy yellow in colour and is the tallest platform in the game, hence its title. Its top is a small square surface which Croc can jump on, but also is the platform with the smallest surface area in the game, the second being the Tree Stump platform, making it harder for Croc to jump on without missing it. These platforms only appear in Desert Island levels.
Stone Brick Platforms These platforms are bigger than normal platforms and are block-like in appearance. They may be stationary, move or shrink smaller until it reappears a few moments later. In the level Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride, some platforms will rise up and down repeatedly. Also, in the same level, one platform when stomped on three times will transport Croc to the secret Bonus Area.
Red Carpet Platform These Platforms are brown with stripe of red looking like a carpet on them. The are usually quite long and they can only be found in some Castle Island levels.
Blue Spiky Platforms This type of platform only appears in three levels: Panic at Platform Pete's Lair, Ballistic Meg's Fairway and Crox Interactive. This platform has two sides, either one with spikes or a flat surface. If Croc touches the spiked surface, he will be hurt and will usually fall off at the same time. The platforms are turned by Platform Pete, an immortal entity in the level by using his hammer to switch the platforms. The platforms are also able to move in some levels.
Platform Pete's Platform - Flat
Platform Pete's Platform - Spiky
Stretchy Platforms This platform which resembles a Belgium Salsa biscuit is able to stretch every now and then, allowing Croc to reach the next platform. It is often possible for Croc to jump to the other side when the platform is at its smallest. Normally this platform is of a brownish colour, however in some cases it is purple.
Secret Sentinel Platforms These platforms are translucent in appearance and will move up and down while moving in a circle like carousel platforms and only appear in the level Secret Sentinel.

Unused Platfrorms[]

(Warning, there are no official names given to the unused platforms, the names given to them in this article are made up.)

Name Description Image
Platform with a Metal Box This platform is identical to the normal Platforms but it has a metal Push-Box on it. Once Croc pushes down the Box, the platform starts moving since the Box was weighing it down. This platform can be found in the Tech Demo using the Gameshark code 80056CA8 0017

80056C0C 0003.

17 03b
Large Tilting Platform This platform is twice the size of any other platform. It's normal form is red with 8 arrows pointing in different directions. It can also be disguised as a normal platform. When Croc steps on the platform, it starts tilting. This platform can be found in the Tech Demo using the Gameshark code 80056CA8 0004

80056C0C 0001.

04 01b

Croc 2[]

Platforms return in Croc 2 similar to how they were in the first game, except now they are less abundant, as the game focuses more on an open world aspect than a linear level system.


  • Similar to many other platform games of its era, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos has hundreds of platforms, and getting through them to reach the end of the level is the main objective, which is the reason why "Platform Game" is the title of the genre.
    • However by the time the game released in 1997, platform games with floating platforms and tank controls were outdated, and resulted in criticism against it.
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