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Neptuna is the first Guardian on Desert Island in the game Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, battled in the level The Deadly Tank of Neptuna. He is also the only underwater boss in the entire game.


He is an anthropomorphic tuna fish, almost mermaid-esque in appearance, although far more grotesque.


He was created by Baron Dante's magic that made a fish (a tuna, according to concept art) into a trident-wielding demon. 

Method of defeating[]

Neptuna is arguably one of the most challenging Guardians to defeat, likely because his battle (as well as the entire level) takes place underwater. Neptuna has two main attacks: tail swiping and shooting magic from his trident. He almost always tail swipes, only shooting magic once after the second time he is injured. As a result of his fishy origins, he has a very spotty memory and, after attacking, will have a brief memory lapse. Croc must swim up to him during this moment of confusion and tail attack him in order to inflict damage. Due to the underwater nature of this level, Croc moves much slower than when on land and will have a hard time dodging Neptuna's magic attack. For this reason, it is very useful to stock up on crystals before entering the arena. However, Croc can easily score the first two hits on Neptuna by swimming underneath him. Neptuna can sense Croc from below him and will initiate the tail swipe attack, but if Croc is far below him, he won't be able to land a hit. This will leave the perfect opportunity for Croc to come in for the blow.


  • His name is a playful combination of the name Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and tuna, a kind of fish.
  • The fact that he loses his memory briefly during the battle is based on the untrue myth that fish have a memory of seven seconds.


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