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The Mechanical Robots are an enemy in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. They are tall, brown, slender robots.


There are three of these guards only in the level 'Dungeon of Defright'. They are encountered by blasting down the door to the right with the Balloon Man.

They will methodically step towards Croc when he is close, resembling clockwork soldiers as they move. They chase and hurt him if they manage to touch him. However, after a few steps, they will stop moving, stand still for a few moments, then continue again. If Croc manages to get out of their range, they will not move again until he is back in range.

It takes only a single hit to defeat them, just like most enemies in the game.

Levels Found[]


  • For the PlayStation version, there are only three of these robots in the entire game, all in the same room.
  • Their origin is unknown, as is their reason for existing in one of Baron Dante's dungeons.


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