Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

A few Croc Mascot Costumes accompanied the release of the first two games.

Thus far, they have been spotted only in Japan.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Mascot Costume[]

This mascot was found to be attending ECTS 1997, and the photo was shared by Argonaut on their website way back in the day. It has a somewhat shiny coat.

The costume also had a second use as a television advertisement for Croc! Pau Pau Island, where Croc marches across a quaint room and pours himself a cup of tea.


Croc- Legend of the Gobbos - Pau Pau Island Japanese Commercial

Croc 2 Mascot Costume[]


A second Croc mascot was found on a Japanese flyer advertising Croc Adventure. Sadly, little is known about this costume, though it is believed to have roamed around another gaming convention to help highlight the game.

Unlike the first, it is less shiny and the snout is longer.