Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

This timeline focuses on every bit of detail known about the Croc universe.

The Croc handheld games is loosely based off the console versions, so the majority of the timeline of the console versions will apply to the handheld games as well.

The Croc Mobile Series should be treated as its own entity, as it contains several plot holes, redesigns, and cliches not found in the original series.

Timeline of Events[]

Before Croc: Legend of the Gobbos[]

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos[]

Inter-Game Period[]

  • The Gobbos build the Croc Statue in Gobbo Valley to commemorate Croc's brave efforts
  • Dantinis regroup on the Mainland and plan to bring Baron Dante back from the n'th dimension.

Croc 2[]

  • Dantinis attempt and succeed in bringing Baron Dante back from the n'th dimension.
  • Professor Gobbo is kidnapped after watching Baron Dante's comeback.
  • Croc receives message in a bottle from his family.
  • The Gobbos build a catapult and send Croc to the Mainland
  • Croc meets Swap Meet Pete
  • Croc defeats Guardian after Guardian as he makes his way through the various Gobbo villages on the Mainland
  • Croc defeats Baron Dante for a second time (third time if counting crystal form) and rescues Professor Gobbo
  • Croc is re-united with his family
  • Baron Dante steals Croc's unborn siblings, and so Croc sets out to recover them.
  • After recovering the eggs, Croc returns to the island to explore at his leisure.

Croc Mobile Series[]

  • Baron Dante returns and disrupts the wedding of King Rufus and kidnaps the guests along with Princess Tara.
  • Croc rescues the wedding guests and Princess Tara, defeating Baron Dante in the process.
  • King Rufus marries Princess Tara.

Disputed Accuracy[]

Because many of the events during the pre-Croc period is folklore as told by the Gobbos, its factual accuracy has been disputed. However, since no other external theories have been explored, the Gobbo's version is the most commonly accepted one.