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"Who are you?! Hmmm. Not look like Dantini!"
This article is about the character. For the level, see Lava Lamp Larry.

This Lava Lamp Larry's shop. He closed to redecorate. He open again soon. Can't wait!


Lava Lamp Larry is a Gobbo who owns a shop inside a tree in the Cossack Village which was supposed to open soon after Croc arrived. Baron Dante kidnaps him and leaves the Firepit Monster in the shop to battle Croc.


Larry wears a white outfit with blue accents, and a blue hat atop his head.

After Croc defeats the monster, a Gobbo thanks Croc for the help, and Lava Lamp Larry presumably goes back to his shop.

Lava Lamp Larry seems to be admired or at least well liked within in his tribe, as a gobbo mentions being excited about the shop's reopening and also they are grateful to Croc for saving him.


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