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A Jumpy (sometimes referred to as a Firepopper) is an enemy found in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.


Jumpy's are creature slightly smaller than Croc, with orange bodies and two yellow feet. But perhaps their most notable feature is the tube-like nose on their faces from which they launch small fireballs.

Jumpys occasionally spit three or four Fireballs on the ground. They are usually found in cave areas and if Croc is near one, it will slowly hop in his direction before shooting small, bouncing fireballs directly at him.

Like most enemies in the game, they can be defeated with a single blow from any of Croc's attacks.

Levels Found[]


  • They only appear on Forest Island.
  • There used to be a level named after these enemies: Enter the Jumpy. It appears on an early version of the game.


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