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Herbs for Flu Medicine is a level in Cossack Village in the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.


(note: this guide currently does not include all crystals)

Take the left path, and leap up (be careful - the ice is very slippery) and then left. Continue going up, right and head into the section above, avoiding the Dantini as always.

In this next area, you'll need to ground pound the switch to open a bridge. Do this with the next one, and the third (getting rid of the Dantini here). The next bridge activated is all the way left. Ground pound this switch and return to the center, where the bridge now continues upward. Avoid the Dantini and leave the area.

Destroy another Dantini and head up. Be careful here! Leap across the ice, grab the Blue Crystal and continue to the next platform. Grab the large crystal at the end if you wish and turn left. These mini platforms will disappear shortly after you touch them, so run across and exit at the upper left screen.

Here, follow the path around and turn left, cross the bridge and follow the path again. Leap right to the next platform, defeat the Dantini if necessary. Grab the Light Blue Crystal. Continue right and ground pound the switch just above.

Now, if you have a spare life, you can fall off the end to restart at the beginning of this area. If not, backtrack all the way you came and exit at the bottom left of the screen. Continue backtracking across the 3 mini platforms and head down, but not the way you came. You'll see a floating platform - hop on. Leave the screen on the left.

Go all the way across to get a large crystal, otherwise head straight up when the opportunity arises. You'll see a box. Go around and push it down. Then head back around and continue along the path where the Dantini is below the box. Around the end, you'll see a platform. Run and leap over. Then leap right. Finish pushing the crate into the panel.

Leap onto the crate and above, then leap to the platform on your left. Move up, then leap right and exit at the top.

Now, defeat the Dantini and keep rising up. Use the blocks left-below to leap across and continue rising, where the herbs will await Croc on one of the platforms.


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