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This page is dedicated to hacking and modifying the Croc games.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos[]


"IDX" stands for Index. They are written in ANSI (plain text) format. Each index is stored after the other, in alphabetical order.

Each line in the file represents file data in the WAD with the same name as the IDX. Each bit of information is separated by a comma (,).

This is what a line from an IDX looks like:



  • filename.extension: Name of the file (as well as it's extension; e.g. croc.bmp)
  • position: Position in the WAD in bytes.
  • length: Length of the file in bytes.
  • ulength: Uncompressed length of the file in bytes.
  • compression: Type of compression, known values are: 'u' = uncompressed, 'w' = unsigned short RLE, 'b' = unsigned char RLE

Accessing Unused Levels[]

The maps.idx file can be modified to access beta levels by replacing the map numbers (MP010_00 is the first room in And so the Adventure Begins):

For instance if testing MP000_01:

Before After

A list of levels can be found at Hacking and Modifying the Croc Games/Map List.


The WAD files are uncompressed archives of data. The data inside these files are actually files themselves that can be compressed, like any other archive format. A WAD file cannot properly function without it's own IDX file. The maps.wad file can be accessed using a hex editor, like HxD.

Uncompressed Version[]

There is an uncompressed version of the maps.wad file which can be found here (made by wiki member Auahz) after you download it you should extract the contents to any folder, you can then edit the uncompressed map files in the maps subfolder. When you're done run maps.bat which will create a new idx/wad pair.

Helpful Links[]

  • CrocUtils - map editing, wad extract, texture extractor and model extractor; useful as reference for formats
  • Croc 1 File Formats - file format descriptions for Croc 1
  • CrocExplorerWV - Croc asset browser and modification tool

Croc 2[]

Croc 2 modifications are harder to come by.

Helpful Links[]