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Final battle

On his travels, Croc encounters a variety of enemies. Although some of these enemies are much more powerful than the others.

Guardians serve as bosses in the Croc games and often have some backstory tied to them.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Guardians in Croc Legend of the Gobbos
Name Description Image
Tooty the Feeble Tooty the Feeble used to be a small green duck, but Baron Dante transformed it into a large yellow-green creature with a yellow star on his stomach. He lives on Forest Island and fights Croc in the level Lair of the Feeble. He resides and fights in a circular clearing in a forest. His only attack is to sprint after Croc. If he touches Croc, Cros will get hurt. After running for a bit, the Feeble will get tired and stop running, giving Croc a chance to attack with a tail swipe. The Feeble must be hit three times in order to be defeated and reverted back to his original form.
Flibby the Boxing Ladybug Flibby is a ladybug transformed by Baron Dante into a gigantic boxing maniac. She lives on the highest point of Forest Island and appears in the level Fight Night with Flibby. She fights in a boxing ring and is the game's second Guardian. She has three attacks: a single punch, a ground slam, and barrage of rapid arm swings. When Flibby throws a single punch at Croc, she is hurt. Croc must then use this window of opportunity to tail attack Flibby, knocking her over. Then Croc stomps on her belly while she is on her back. Croc must do this three times in order to defeat Flibby and revert her back to her original ladybug form.
Chumly the Rocket Man Chumly is a light purple Dantini living on Ice Island. Baron Dante attached a jetpack to him to allow him to fly. He also does not seem willing to follow Baron Dante, and he is the only Guardian in the game that is not transformed by Dante. He appears in the level Chumly's Snow Den. His lair is an icy cave. He has no attacks except to drop down to the ground and is arguably one of the easiest Guardians in the game. Chumly has three lives.
Itsy the Ice Demon Demon Itsy is four small mountain goats joined together by Baron Dante. He lives on Ice Island and appears in the level Demon Itsy's Ice Palace. His arena is a frozen lake with a castle nearby. When Itsy is hit, he splits into two. When these smaller versions on Itsy are attacked, they also split into two. Each of the four small goats must be defeated in order to win. Itsy's attack is to stomp on Croc.
Neptuna Neptuna is a small fish, presumably some sort of tuna, transformed into a huge merman. He is armed with a trident. He lives underwater on Desert Island and appears in the underwater level The Deadly Tank of Neptuna. His lair is a giant fish tank. Neptuna will attack using his trident to swing at Croc,and also shoot energy balls from it. Compared to other Guardians, he is the most difficult to defeat because he is fought underwater. He has three lives.
Cactus Jack Cactus Jack is a giant cactus Guardian transformed by Baron Dante. He lives on Desert Island and appears in the level Cactus Jack's Ranch. He fights in a square shaped base, sealed off with tall walls. His attacks are shooting thorns continuously and spinning around the arena like a dust devil. He has three lives.
Fosley Fosley is Baron Dante's court jester who skips around holding a red balloon. He is transformed by Baron Dante into a large being holding three big balloons. He resides in Dante's Castle Island and appears in the level "Fosley's Freaky Donut." He fights in the air, flying with his balloons above a central hole in a circular donut structure, with springy platforms. His attack is to throw red, running, living explosives at Croc. Fosley has three lives.
Baron Dante Baron Dante is the ultimate Guardian and Croc's archenemy, living in his castle. He appears as a giant frog-like creature with an iron hand, wearing knight clothes with a cape and having a mohawk hairstyle. He rules over his 'Castle Island' and appears in the level 'Baron Dante's Funky Inferno'. He has three attack stages, each with three lives. First, he punches into the ground sending out a shockwave. Then, he charges at Croc. Thirdly, Dante levitates and throws off electric sparks from his iron hand. In total, he has nine lives.
Baron Dante
The Secret Sentinel Dante returns in a ghostly crystal form and poses as the secret Guardian of the secret fifth island. It is somewhat of a ghost version of Baron Dante, his 'spirit' of sorts. It appears in the final level "The Secret Sentinel." It fights in a crystal cavern with four stable platforms, each containing one Beany Bird gong and four levitating crystal platforms. It cannot be attacked directly. It attacks by throwing an unavoidable energy blast. He has one life which can only be lost if Croc makes all the Beany gongs sound at once.
Crystal Dante

Croc 2

Guardians in Croc 2
Name Description Image
Soveena the Squid Keith's giant pet Kraken who planned to steal all the Ginger Soda in a Sailor Village cargo port. She is fought in the level of the same title Soveena the Squid. By the time Croc arrives to help, some Sailor Gobbos had managed to lock her out of the port by closing the water lock. But Soveena is determined to get that soda, and in a rage, starts throwing bombs inside the port trying to reduce it to rubble. To get rid of her, Croc must take TNT Barrels, provided by the Sailor Gobbos, and carry them across the water in the port, by hopping on floating boxes and barrels, in order to throw them at Soveena. After every time Croc hits her with TNT, which explodes on contact, she throws a bomb at a floating box or barrel that Croc must use to get to her, rendering the box or barrel untouchable because it is scorched. This forces Croc to use unheated floating objects in order to get close enough to hit Soveena with TNT. After Croc hits Soveena three times with TNT, she gives in and flees off into the harsh, Ginger Sodaless, ocean from which she came.
Soveena 2
Cannon Boat Keith A purple Demon pirate necromancer who always has a parrot companion on his shoulder. He is hired by Baron Dante to get rid of Croc and is fought in the level of the same title, Cannon Boat Keith. He has a pirate ship and an army of Skeletons in the sewer under the Sailor Village. When Croc enters the large sewage room with Keith and his ship, a gate comes down to block the entrance and Keith begins firing a cannon. Croc must run up the docks and fire cannons on them back at him. Once Croc shoots him three times, Cannon Boat Keith falls off into the sewage, never to be heard from again. (thats in the top ten worst ways to go)
Flavio the Thermal Fish A giant fish who appears in the level Flavio the Thermal Fish in Cossack Village. Croc must use a hot air balloon to drop special types of ice cubes into the water in order to freeze Flavio in the water. Flavio will attempt to attack Croc by spitting bubbles at him.
Firepit Monster The Firepit Monster (often mistitled Lava Lamp Larry) is a creature who appears in the level Lava Lamp Larry. He will pop out of several pits of lava attempting to attack Croc by throwing Fireballs at him. Croc must use a large ice block which he must shrink using the monster's fireballs. Croc must put three ice cubes in each pit to defeat the creature.
Firepit Monster
Venus Fly Von-Trappe Venus Fly Von-Trappe is a mutant venus fly trap which appears in the level Venus Fly Von-Trappe. The creature is blind and can hurt Croc via the burrowing vine and can hurt him whether he is above or below geound. It is defeated by feeding it special rocks provided by a Gobbo. When Gobbos are freed by feeding the rocks, his life meter will deplete until finally defeated.
The Village Masher The Village Masher is a cyborg Tyrannosaurus, piloted by a Dantini to smash the Caveman Village This monstrosity breathes fire at anything around it, and in order to defeat it is by filling a bucket with water and throwing it in it's mouth when opens. When you do it three times, it collapse in short circuit, symbolising that it had been rushed by Baron Dante.
Dante's Peak After completing the Inca Village, Croc will have to battle again with Baron Dante, but this time has an eyepatch on his left eye, possibly because Croc took it in the form of a crystal as that is the source of Dante's power. Croc is given the Professor Gobbo's plane in which is used to shoot at Dante. He is seen hanging on top of a mountain peak, and will shoot balloon-mounted bombs that he throws at Croc. Approaching Dante will make him throw fireballs. When Croc is close enough, he will shoot at his belt buckle, which will make him lose a life. Do this three times to defeat him (for now, anyway).
Dante's Peak
Dante's Final Fight Croc meets with the Professor Gobbo on top of a darkened hill. The professor will attempt to create a portal using Coloured Crystals which is used to transport Baron Dante to another world. Dante will attempt to throw fireballs and create a Dantini Golem. This type of Dantini will attempt to kidnap the professor and stop him alligning the crystals. When the professor successfully alligns a crystal, Dante will try to blow Croc off the hill. When all five crystals are alligned, he is defeated.
Dante's Final Fight