Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Golden Gobbos are unique elements included in Croc 2 and Croc 2 (Game Boy Color).


Croc 2[]

Goldengobbo in level

Croc reaches a Golden Gobbo

Golden Gobbos allow Croc to find the Jigsaw Pieces leading to the secret levels in the game.

In each village, there is a special door with a Golden Gobbo icon imprinted on it. To open these doors, you must collect the Golden Gobbo statue from each of the village's normal stages. This requires that you find all five coloured diamonds and complete the Golden Gobbo teleport section in each normal stage.

Golden Gobbo Stages[]

Within the Golden Gobbo stages, the primary goal is to reach the end of the level and collect the hidden Jigsaw Piece.

If you find all of the Jigsaw Pieces in the game, a big secret will be revealed, and more levels are opened up for the player to complete.

Croc 2 (Game Boy Color)[]


Finding a Golden Gobbo

After collecting the five Coloured Crystals in a level, a gate will open somewhere in the same level. Through this gate is a small puzzle which, when completed, will allow Croc to grab the Golden Gobbo of the level.

Unlike the console game, Croc will only find his mother if he obtains all Golden Gobbos before facing off against Baron Dante.

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