Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

This is a list of Gobbos found in Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble!

Note: The dialogue here is presented without all capital letters, but may contain grammar or spelling errors purposefully left in.


Croc: Kelly, why are you crying?

Kelly: Croc, I'm glad you're here. The Baron has put Danny in a cage.

Croc: I'll go and get him. Dry those tears.

Kelly is normally the first Gobbo you meet, as she can be found at the very start of the game. She is crying because Baron Dante put Danny in a cage, which Croc then tells her to wipe her tears and that he will go get him.


- When entering Desert Island Risks.

Danny: Hi Croc, it's Danny. Baron Dante has trapped me in this cage..

Croc: How can I help?

Danny: Find the key to this cage and then press 0 next to it to free me. King Rufus' crystals are around too, try to collect them all.

Croc: What about the scary Dantini's?

Danny: You can avoid them or spin attack by pressing 0. You can move and jump while spinning.

Croc: How do I jump?

Danny: Press 5 to jump Croc, but don't jump into the water.

Croc: Thanks Danny.

- When moving around in the level.

Danny: Hello Croc. I've just remembered, some stepping stones are floating on the water. If you tread on them they will sink.

Croc: Crikey, I'd better run.

- When saving Danny

Danny: Ahh, the sweet smell of freedom. Thanks Croc.


Croc: Renee, don't worry. I'm here.

Renee: Can you save my lovely Ronny?

Croc: Of course. You just wait there.

Renee: I'll write a poem for him, Ronny loves poetry.

Renee is found in the Jungle. She asks Croc to save "her lovely Ronny." Croc tells her "of course!" Renee then tells Croc that she is going to write him a poem, as he loves poems.

Ronny (also known as Ronnie)[]

- When entering Ferry Good.

Ronny: Croc, it's Ronny. Get me out of here!

Croc: I'm working on it. Relax.

Ronny: If you wait at the end of a jetty, there's a good chance a raft will come along. Rafts are a great way of getting around without getting wet!

- When moving around in the level.

Ronny: Croc?

Croc: Yes, Ronnie. What is it?

Ronny: Some rafts will not move until you press a big red button.

- When saving Ronny.


Croc: Cheer up Billie!

Billie: How can I Croc? My Ellie is locked up!

Croc: I'll save her. While I'm away, why don't you brush your hair?


- When moving around the level.

Ellie: Hey Croc, do you want some tips on getting rid of Dantini's?

Croc: Yes please Ellie.

Ellie: Well, spin and move!

Croc: Spin and move?

Ellie: If you move while you're spinning you should have no problems.


Croc: Hi Raphy, why the long face?

Raphy: Poor Stevie has been banged up by the Baron!

Croc: I'll go and free him, don't worry.

Raphy: It's the little ones I'm afraid for...


- When talking to him at the Beach

Croc: Stevie, I'm gonna fight the Baron!

Stevie: Good luck! Remember to spin, that will protect you, and watch out for collapsing Floor..

- When entering Pool Party

Stevie: Hi Croc.

Croc: Hi Stevie. Don't panic, I'll get you out.

Stevie: Thanks Croc. Be careful on the rafts, they're small and go under jetties.

Croc: Under?

Stevie: Yeah, and you'll have to get off and watch where it goes.

Strangely, Stevie can be found both at the Beach, free, and captured in Pool Party.


Croc: Jakey! Why aren't you skipping?

Jakey: I'm upset, Croc. Justine has been locked up. I can't skip alone.

Croc: I'll rescue Justine, then you can skip together.


Croc: Hi Cathy. I'll go and save Jonny.

Cathy: If you like, I'm not bothered. I like the peace and quiet.


Croc: Nicky, stop crying!

Nicky: I can't. Ricky's gone!

Croc: I know, but I can save him.

Nicky: Can you?

Croc: Probably.


Croc: Yeu-Lai? Have you been crying?

Yeu-Lai: No, I've been chopping onions. Jimmy has been locked up! Can you save him?

Croc: Of course I can. I'm a hero.


- When moving around The Cross a bit

Jimmy: Croc! It's Jimmy. Get me out!

Croc: I'll try Jimmy. I need to find the key first.

Jimmy: There are lots of rafts, but only one is working. Find a way to get the others moving.

- When saving Jimmy

Jimmy: Ahh, the sweet smell of freedom. Thanks Croc.


- When entering Island Hopping

Justine: Croc? It's Justine.

Croc: Hi Justine, I'll get you out of there. Hang tight.

Justine: Thanks Croc. There's a lot of Dantini's here, but if you can work out where they patrol, they are easily avoided,

- When saving Justine

Justine: Ahh, the sweet smell of freedom. Thanks Croc.


Croc: Hello Matty, is Lucy missing too?

Matty: Yeah. Do you want me to wait here while you go and get her?

Croc: Yes, I won't be long.


- When moving around

Lucy: Croc. Help! It's Lucy. I'm trapped in a cage, and you're late again!

Croc: I know Lucy. Stay calm and I'll come and get you out.

Lucy: Thanks Croc. Thank you. Try and collect all the gems on the way. They are lovely and shiny.


- When moving around Jungle Cradle a bit

Andy: Croc, it's Andy. Are you coming to rescue me?

Croc: That's right Andy.

Andy: Take your time. Look before you leap. Remember - slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!

- When saving Andy

Andy: Great, you saved me. Now can you rescue the rest of my friends please?