The Gobbo Archipelago consists of five islands.The archipelago is the location of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, and is also where the islander Gobbos reside.


Forest Island

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Forest Island (also known as Volcano, Mountain and Grass Island) is the first island of five islands in the Gobbo Archipelago in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, and the one that Croc washed up on when he was a baby. This is the Island that King Rufus, king of the Gobbos, resides at. In it's center sits the Gobbo Valley where all of the Gobbos in the Gobbo Archipelago reside.

The island consists mostly of hills and grass, with many caves filled with lava. Lava flows outside the caves too, often in rivers. On top of the island's largest hill is a boxing ring in which Croc fights the second Guardian, Flibby in Fight Night With Flibby.

Shortly after Baron Dante initially invaded Gobbo Valley, him and his Dantinis trapped 36 Gobbos in boxes, cages, caves, and various other prisons and places throughout the island, including King Rufus, the leader of the Gobbos.

Ice Island

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Ice Island (also known as Snow Island or Arctic Island) is the second of five islands in the Gobbo Archipelago in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. It consists mostly of ice and snow, including icy water which will harm Croc if he touches it. The highest point on the island is the level Ice Bridge to Eternity.

Desert Island

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Desert Island.png

Desert Island is the third of five Islands in the Gobbo Archipelago in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. It consists mainly of sand, as well as deadly Mud Pits and green poison pools. The highest point on the island is Defeato Burrito.

Castle Island

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The headquarters of Baron Dante, the whole island is covered by the castle. Due to a meteorological phenomena, it is always stormy.

Crystal Island

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Crystal Island is the fifth and final, or secret island of the game. This island is only unlocked once Croc obtains all eight jigsaw pieces. These levels are unique to other levels in the game, as no Gobbos or Jigsaw Pieces are required; the only objective is to complete the levels. When Croc has completed all five levels and defeated the final Guardian, The Secret Sentinel, the game will be 100% completed.

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