Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Ginger Soda is a soda created by the Mainland Gobbos. It only appears in Croc 2, and is one of the first items that Croc will see. The gobbos love it, and often profess their love of the way it fizzes up their noses.


In the Sailor Village, it comes in crates, and is what the first gobbos of the game are seen with.

In the Caveman Village a "mysterious Gobbo" is said to make it. The Witch Doctor Gobbo knows when the Ginger Soda is ready. The Caveman King mentions that he enjoys toasted Ginger Marshmallows, no doubt made from Ginger Soda.

In the Inca Village, the local burping champion drinks it to burp.


  • In the Sailor Village, the first Guardian, Soveena the Squid, attacks a port filled with Ginger Soda trying to steal it.