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Fosley is one of the Dantini Guardians in Castle Island. He is encountered in Fosley's Freaky Donut, walking around the island holding a red balloon.

Furious at his innoncence, Baron Dante transforms him, turning Fosley into a much larger version of himself who is now holding three balloons in which he is able to fly in the air with.


Fosley is a magenta Dantini wearing dark navy shorts with a yellow waistband. He has large buck teeth and has two yellow crests on his head. He holds a red helium balloon in his hand. He becomes larger when under Baron Dante's magical spell, and now carries three large balloons (red, blue, and green).


Fosley attacks by throwing walking dynamite at Croc which immediately start to chase him around the area. To damage Fosley, Croc must lure in one of the dynamites onto a spring, which will then launch the bomb at Fosley. Fosley has three hit points.


Fosley, having grown in size due to Baron Dante's magic.


  • Fosley is the only Guardian which can be defeated without the tail whip attack.
  • If you fall off the ledge after hitting Fosley 3 times, Croc may die or stop on the brick ledge. This is the only level that you can die after defeating a Guardian.
  • He is the last Guardian you must defeat that isn't Baron Dante or Secret Sentinel.
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