Fosley is one of the Dantini Guardians in Castle Island. He is encountered in Fosley's Freaky Donut, walking around the island holding a red balloon.

Furious at his innoncence, Baron Dante transforms him, turning Fosley into a much larger version of himself who is now holding three balloons in which he is able to fly in the air with.


Fosley is a magenta Dantini wearing dark navy shorts with a yellow waistband. He has large buck teeth and has two yellow crests on his head. He holds a red helium balloon in his hand. He becomes larger when under Baron Dante's magical spell, and now carries three large balloons (red, blue, and green).


Fosley attacks by throwing spider-like bombs at Croc which immediately start to chase him around the area. To damage Fosley, Croc must lure in one of the bombs onto a spring, which will then launch the bomb at Fosley. Fosley has three hit points.

Fosley, having grown in size due to Baron Dante's magic.


  • Fosley is the only Guardian which can be defeated without the tail whip attack.
  • If you fall off the ledge after hitting Fosley 3 times, Croc may die or stop on the brick ledge. This is the only level that you can die after defeating a Guardian.
  • He is the last Guardian you must defeat that isn't Baron Dante or Secret Sentinel.
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