Flibby is a ladybug in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and is the second Guardian of Forest Island. She appears in the level Fight Night With Flibby.


Flibby was an innocent ladybug who lived on Forest Island. When Baron Dante realized Croc defeated Tooty the Feeble, he decided to create a second Guardian.

Dante found Flibby crawling along a tree branch and placed her on a mushroom. He used his magic to turn Flibby into a powerhouse boxer, complete with boxing gloves. Flibby challenged Croc to a match in the island's boxing ring.

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Set in a boxing ring, Croc must approach Flibby while dodging her attacks. She will then take a breath in which Croc must tail-attack her and stomp on her while on her back. She has three attack-styles: swing, multi-punch and slam, so be careful. Do this three times to defeat her.


  • In the fight with Flibby, cheering can be heard when Croc lands a hit, and booing can be heard when Flibby damages Croc. These voices actually sound nothing like Gobbos, implying that humans may also live on Forest Island.
  • This is the only Guardian which requires Croc to use both a tail and stomp attack.
  • This is the only ladybug in the game.
  • Flibby is The Only Female Croc Boss.
  • In the Sega Saturn manual, Flibby is known as Fighting Flibby.[1]

Official Bios

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Bio

"Flibby is a great fighter. She could have been a contender if it hadn't been for her glass stomach. All those nights down at the gym wasted on a ticklish ladybug!"

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