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The Firepit Monster (Lava Monster in the Game Boy Color port) is a large orange creature and the second Guardian in the Cossack Village. Croc confronts this enemy after completing all of the levels in the Cossack Village in order to proceed to the Caveman Village. He can be found in Lava Lamp Larry.


The monster will regularly peek out of a random fire pit. If Croc is close, then it will look around with its arms spread out in an attempt to touch and damage Croc. If Croc is further away the monster will throw two fireballs towards him and then go back inside the pit.

Big ice blocks are delivered through an opening at the wall. Croc needs to try to push these ice blocks into the lava pits to seal them. However, if a block is touched by a fireball or the monster it will melt and turn into a smaller block. This block can be picked up and carried faster, but is less efficient in sealing the pits than the big one. One big block is enough to seal a pit but two small ones are needed to do the same. After all four pits are sealed, the monster is trapped and the fight is over.



  • This is the only guardian that does not have a health bar.


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