Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Feet First is the third level in Croc Tech Demo and the Croc V0.12 Beta. It is replaced in the final release by  the level Shoutin' Lava Lava Lava.


Tech Demo[]

Go forward across the log and hit the button to bring the platform with the gobbo down. Jump on as it descends to save the gobbo, then move towards the Smash Box. If you're aiming for 100% completion, break it and bring the box near the raised platform. Jump on it and then to the platform to be taken to the door to the next area.

In the cave, push the box at the start all the way down the path, collecting crystals if you wish, and grab the gobbo on a raised platform at the end. Exit ahead.

You'll notice the final gobbo is trapped in a cage, so hit the nearby button to cause a platform to descend. Hop on and leap across the crumbling platforms to the other side. Here, defeat the Jumpy and hop back over, getting back on the ground and saving the last gobbo. Finally, make your way back up again and exit through the door.

V0.12 Beta[]

Use the switch on the left to bring the gobbo's platform closer. Leap on, save the gobbo and use the right switch to get the hidden B. Follow the log and press the switch to reveal some platforms leading across the lava. Follow them and stomp on the well.

In here, Beany the Bird will show you a Smash Box with a gobbo in it. The Box Shuffling Game will commence. Stomp the right smash box to save the gobbo and exit the area. Enter the door in front.

In the cave, defeat the rats as necessary and move the box across, stopping at the floating platform on your right. Leap up and grab the gold key. Now, push it back and use it to reach the O on a platform at the beginning. You'll be raised to another area. Use the key to enter the door.

Ibn this room, use the smash boxes to reach the top, grabbing the N. Smash the smash box it was on to save a gobbo. Return through to the push box cave.

Finally, push the box forward again to reach the gobbo on a platform at the end. Exit through the door.

Hit the switch to bring down a floating platform. Jump on and use the crumbling platforms to reach the other side. Defeat the Jumpy and grab the U and S on the smash boxes, and grab the silver key. Return below to save the gobbo, then return up to the higher area and enter the bonus room.

This is the Popping Game. Complete it and save the gobbo, then exit this area and smash the Gong to exit the level.

Different Versions[]

Tech Demo[]

Room Contains Image
Number 1 A couple of lava pools, some Crystals, a log, a Push Box and a moving platform.
Number 2 A Push Box, some Crystals, a Gobbo and two Dragonflies.

Number 3

A Gobbo in a cage, some platforms, some Smash Boxes, a Jumpy, two buttons and the Exit Door.

V0.12 Beta[]

Room Contains Image
Number 1 Two lava pools, a log, two buttons, some Crystals and some Smash Boxes.
Number 2 A button which when pressed will spawn three Smash Boxes which will be shuffled by Beany.
Number 3 A Push Box, a Gobbo and two rats.
Number 4 A few Smash Boxes.
Number 5 A Gobbo in a cage, a button, some platforms, a Goal Gong and a Bonus door.
Number 6 Three tree stumps and a button which when pressed spawns three yellow buttons that pop the sheep that appear in the tree stumps.

Final Release[]

Room Contains Image
Number 1 Two lava pools, some Smash Boxes, a button, a well and some Sparkling Stars.
Number 2 A few big floating pieces of land with two Burrowing Worms, two Flaming Dantinis and some Crystals.
Number 3 Three Smash Boxes that are shuffled.
Number 4 A Push Box, some platforms, some Crystals, two rats, a Gobbo and a locked door.
Number 5 Some Smash Boxes, a Worm in a well, and a Gobbo.
Number 6 A Gobbo in a cage, a button, some platforms, a Beany Gong and a Crystal Door.
Number 7 Three tree stumps with sheep popping out and a Beany Gong.