Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos


Enter the Jumpy is the second level in the Croc Tech Demo and the Croc V0.12 Beta. It is replaced in the final release by the level Underground Overground.


Tech Demo[]

Avoid the two Jumpys and leap into the tree stump. If you want to 100% the level, use the Climbable Walls to the side to reach the Crystals above.

In the cave, defeat the Jumpy and use the platforms in front of you to ascend. Save the gobbo atop the Smash Box and defeat the Jumpy here. Follow the path and defeat the other Jumpy before leaving through the door.

Back in the open, use the platforms to avoid the lava, defeating a Jumpy when necessary. Save the gobbo at the other end on his moving platform and go through the door.

Go through a bit, but don't go straight down. Instead, turn left to find the final gobbo waiting on a raised platform. Jump up and save him, grab the blue sack on the other platform if you wish and now go straight ahead, fending off the five Jumpys. At the end you'll find the exit door.

V0.12 Beta[]

Take care of the Jumpys, and turn right. Use the climbable wall to reach the B. Grab a crystal or two if you want and stomp on the well up here.

In this cave, don't smash the smash boxes immediately. Turn right, defeat the Jumpy and use them to reach the U. Then take the other path left and do the same to reach the S. Before you leave, make sure you smash the box on the floor here to rescue a gobbo. Enter the door.

Here, move to the back of the room and stomp on the smash boxes to rescue a gobbo. Now climb the platforms and grab the key before you smash the smash box. Return to the ground and use the key to save the caged gobbo. Leap back up and follow the path around, grabbing the last crystal to get the O. Exit through the door.

Outside, turn left and leap to the platform to save another gobbo. Turn around and use the right platform to obtain the N. Move forward and use the moving platforms to reach the gobbo on the right platform. Save him and continue to the bonus door.

In the bonus room, all you have to do is smash the smash boxes all the way down to save the last gobbo. Use the Springs to get you back up, and exit the bonus area. Smash the Gong to exit the level.

Different Versions[]

Tech Demo

Room Contains Image

Number 1

Two Jumpys, a climbable wall and two tree stumps. 
Number 2 Two Smash Boxes, some platforms, some lava and two Jumpys.
Number 3 A lava pool with platforms floating over it, some Crystals a Gobbo and two Jumpys.
Number 4 Two lava pools, a Gobbo, a Blue Sack and six Jumpys.

V0.12 Beta[]

Room Contains Image
Number 1 Two Jumpys, two tree stumps and some Crystals.
Number 2 Two Jumpys and four Smash Boxes.
Number 3 A Gobbo in a cage, some Smash Boxes, a few Platforms and some Crystals.
Number 4 Three lava pools, a few Crystals, a Gobbo and a Gong.
Number 5 Some Smash Boxes, two Monkey Bars and two Springs.

Final Release[]

Room Contains Image
Number 1 Two Smash Boxes, two wells, some Crystals and a Devil Dantini.
Number 2 Four Smash Boxes, two Running Dantinis, a Worm in a Well and a Heart.
Number 3 A Gobbo in a cage, a Running Dantini, some Platforms and a few Smash Boxes.
Number 4 Three Crystals, a Gobbo, the Blue Crystal, a Smash Box, the Beany Gong and the Crystal Door.
Number 5 Five Smash Boxes, two Monkey Bars and two Jellies.