Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

There are many enemies that fill up thelevels Croc has to traverse. They take on many shapes and forms, which are influenced by the area they appear in. This list does not include the entire list of Dantinis or any of the Guardians created by Baron Dante. Most enemies can be killed using a tail-attack or stomp, in which case they will respawn after about ten seconds. Some cannot be killed and some don't attack.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos[]

Enemy name Description Image
Ballistic Meg A thin, pink creature which will run at a great speed from one place to another, leaving behind a fiery trail. They will stop running at edges or walls, catch their breath, and change directions. Immortal. They only appear in the level Ballistic Meg's Fairway; and Crox Interactive on the secret Crystal Island.
Ballistic Meg
Burrowing Worms An earthworm that goes underground and above ground. It can only be killed by smash stomping them when their heads are above the ground, but will hurt Croc if he touches them either underground or above ground. They only appear on Forest Island.
Burrowing Worm screenshot
Crab They only appear in the Guardian level 'The Deadly Tank of Neptuna'. They usually guard a doorway to block Croc's passage by snapping up when he gets too close. Croc should try to swim at the top of the entrance to avoid the Crab.
Dantini These are the most common enemies in the game, and are in league with Baron Dante. They come in many different varieties. See the article for the full list.
Husky Doo These are red bulldogs that run around in a circle, often scratching themselves. They only appear on Ice Island in the levels Riot Brrrrr, Clouds of Ice and I Snow Him so Well. If Croc touches them, he will be hurt. In the Sony Playstation version, the Dogs will run at and attack Croc, but they do not in other versions.
Dog screenshot
Grimmy Scythe wielding hooded creatures that attack by spinning around when Croc gets near. Only appear in the levels 'The Tower of Power' and 'Dungeon of Defright'. Can only be killed by a smash stomp. They also appear in the level Dungeon of Defright in a Popping Game Crystal Door Challenge.
Jumpy This creature is an odd-looking yellow tube-like creature that jumps around and spits yellow Fireballs. They only appear in the cave levels. See also Hazards.
Fish A fish is an underwater creature only found in the Guardian Level 'The Deadly Tank of Neptuna'. It is large and green with red eyes, and resembles a piranha.
Ghost They only appear in every Crystal Door Challenge on Desert Island, and they are immortal. While they do not harm Croc, they hover around quickly, stealing all the crystals in a pathway. Croc must win a race against a Ghost to attain the Silver Key that will free a Gobbo in a Crystal Door Challenge.
Croc and Sparky
Jonnie Bee Goode A giant bee that only appears in the level And So The Adventure Begins. It will circle around the two platforms at the beginning of the level and can be killed with a stomp or tail attack.
Jellyfish A jellyfish is an Enemy in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos which is only found in Underwater Levels.
Fireballs Fireballs with eyes that jump out of Lava and bounce around a platform in the cave levels. They often come up in pairs. Croc cannot attack them.
Fireballs screenshot
Mechanical Robot There are three of these guards only in the level 'Dungeon of Defright' by choosing the door at the right with the Inflated Creature.
Mummy Mummies appear in Desert Island. They walk around stiff-legged, with their arms sticking out in front of them. Every time they take a step they make an audible crunch! noise. They sometimes growl at Croc when he gets too close. Mummies can be defeated with a tail attack or stomp. They do not attack, but if Croc touches them, he will get hurt. They usually walk on important pathways, to stop Croc from progressing.
Mummy gaurd
Penguin Small penguins that jump out of water and skate on ice fields. They cannot be attacked. Penguins also appear in one of the Popping Games as part of a Crystal Door Challenge in the level Licence To Chill.
LTC area 3
Platform Pete A blue creature who flies around in a wooden saucer and hits buttons with his hammer, causing platforms to tilt from a smooth to a spiky side. Immortal and out of reach. Only appears in the level 'Panic at Platform Pete's Lair' and in the Crox Interactive level.
Rat These appear in caves and try to harm Croc by crawling to him when he gets too close. They only appear in the levels Shoutin' Lava Lava Lava, The Ice of Life and I Snow Him so Well.
Robot Fist Guard Obstructs Croc's way by smashing his one, giant hand. Immortal. They only appear in Castle Island levels.
Scorpion Scorpions will jump out of a pit of Lava and shoot Fireballs at Croc. They are similar to Firepoppers.
Hammy Head Shark Hammy Head Sharks are found in Mud Pit Mania as well as in the Guardian level The Deadly Tank of Neptuna. They resemble hammerhead sharks.
Spider Purple or red spiders that can obstruct Croc's passage. They spring from the ceiling on a web. They only appear in Castle Island levels, but also appear in the level Ice Bridge to Eternity.
Swipe Swiftly The Swordsman A sword-wielding, pirate-like creature that attacks Croc on falling platforms while shouting in French. They only appear in the level 'Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride'.
Worm in a Well A giant worm that comes up from Wells and tries to bite Croc when he gets too close. They cannot be killed. They only come up from green Wells, apart from the first level And So The Adventure Begins which comes up from a brick Well which contains a cave. All other green wells contain Jellies which stop Croc from falling any further, and one in The Curvy Caverns contains a Heart.
Croc and Worm in a Well
Zombie Prisoner A yellow creature that prevents Croc from pressing Switches to unlock doors. Attacks by swinging its arms around madly. Is immortal, but will periodically cease attacking to rest. Only appears in the level 'The Tower of Power'.
Chained Creature

Croc 2[]

NOTE: most names in this list are purely speculative.
Enemy Name Description Image
Crow The crow only appear in the level Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!, it will just stand guarding the sandwich. The player can easily defeat it by using the tail spin.
Dantini Returning from the previous game, Dantinis in Croc 2 are much larger and meaner than before. They come in many different varieties.

See the article for the full list.

Dantini Aztec
Dantini Caveman
Dantini Conquistador
Dantini Fire
Dantini Minecart
Dantini Pink Devil
Dantini Pirate
Dantini Red Devil
Dantini Skeleton1
Dantini Sliding
Dantini Swinging
Raptor These purple dinosaurs resemble the velociraptors from Jurassic Park. They will jump towards to the player to damage him, when hit by the tails spin, instead of disappearing, they will get stunned for a short period of time.
Fly-trap These orange carnivorous plants appear in the Venus Fly Von-Trappe and The Village Masher level. The player has to wait for their mouth to open to get trough them.
Goo creature These are Goo Man Chu's minions, they fall from the ceiling trying to get Croc off guard.
Goo Creature
Poison Dart Frog These frogs are inspired by the real-life animal. They stand in a lily pad shooting a green projectile in the player.
Poison Dart Frog
Ghost Freezer They only appear in the level Chase the Choo Choo Train, they try to damage Croc by moving in a circular pattern. They appear to be a skeleton wearing a purple cloak.
Sliding Ghost
Snowball This enemy appears in the level It's Just Snowball Madness!, it behaves the same way as the Sliding Dantini. it appears to be a giant snowball with Santa Claus (or a Dantini) trapped inside it.
Unga Bungas They appear to be three urchin-like creatures, wearing a wooden masks and carrying a club. They try damaging the player by swinging their club towards Croc. When hit by the tail spin instead of disappearing they will break formation.
Unga Bungas
Wasp Wasps are red, flying insects set on flying and stinging Croc.

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