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The Elephant is an element included in one level of the Desert Island called Lights, Camel, Action.


The elephant helps Croc reach certain platforms. Croc simply jumps on its back and rides the animal as it gallops around in a circle, stopping for brief moments periodically, until Croc jumps off onto the otherwise unreachable platforms.

It makes a loud trumpeting sound and seems to be frightened of Croc when he jumps on it. It dwells in a mud pit that would hurt Croc if he touched it. But, much like the hippos in Croc 2 in hazardous water, the Elephant doesn't seem to be harmed by the mud.


  • It is possible that the game designers originally planned to use a camel at first, seeing that the creature was in the level's title.
  • According to concept art, the elephant was to have a bigger role in a level all to itself.


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