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Croc Crystal Door Challenge ASTAB

The very first challenge in And So The Adventure Begins

Crystal Door Challenges are those which are accessed by getting all 5 coloured crystals in a normal level and going through the purple Crystal Door at the end. The challenge must be completed in order to get the sixth Gobbo. They only appear in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and there are a total of 24 Crystal Door Challenges in the game. Please select an island or level to see each challenge in detail.

Common Challenges[]


  • Instead of having Crystal Door Challenges in Croc 2, they replaced it with Golden Gobbo Challenges. They are also only accessible by collecting all 5 coloured crystals, except once done Croc is warped to an otherwise inaccessible area to get the Golden Gobbo. If he dies, he cannot return to that area until replaying the level. See the articles for more details.

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