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Big Crow likes sandwiches. Fly down and steal Gobbo's lunch. Then fly into jungle. Now Gobbo hungry.

–Springy Boots Gobbo

A Crow is an enemy found in Croc 2. It appears only once.


The Crow is a large, blue-eyed, black bird with dark yellow claws and a dark yellow beak, all tipped with black.


The Crow can be found at the very end of Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!, in front of a Gong.

He isn't interested in Croc, or the Gobbo that he stole the lunch from. He continuously pecks away at the pickled onion jelly sandwich he grabbed, ignoring his surroundings.

Croc only needs to tail whip him in order to recover the sandwich for the Gobbo.

Levels Found[]

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