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Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic! is a Croc game for mobile phones released some time in 2006, after the release of Croc Mobile: Pinball. It was developed by Morpheme.

This is the last official Croc game to be released.


The game's story is simple like it's predecessor. Baron Dante returns and plans to disrupt the wedding of King Rufus and Princess Tara by kidnapping them and the guests. It's up to Croc to save the day again.


Croc starts off each level with 5 Hearts which, when lost, result in a game over and the player must start the level from the beginning. He is able to move in four directions only, and can use his signature tail attack to destroy any enemies. However, not only do these enemies come back, but Croc is also sometimes delayed when attacking. Croc is also able to jump, though not at the same time as he is walking.

From each level, Croc can find up to 9 Crystals. The level objective is to find the Key and free the caged Gobbo. At the end of each level, the Gobbo will direct Croc towards the next level when spoken to, and open the door. At the beginning of the game, King Rufus will direct Croc to the level (but not actually mention anything about his bride).



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Baron Dante's back, and he has a dastardly plan to disrupt the wedding of King Rufus, the King of the Gobbos, and Princess Tara, his bride. It's down to Croc to rescue the wedding guests and save the day! Hotfoot it through the volcanoes and tiptoe through the trap-filled Aztec temples. Battle Dantinis and Baron Dante himself. Collect all the gems to ensure the wedding goes with a bang! 20 levels of frantic platform action stand between Croc and the Royal Wedding of the century. Spike traps, rolling boulders and fire-breathing statues are just some of the new dangers Croc must face.


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  • Despite being the very last Croc Mobile game (and Croc game) released, it was never advertised or even mentioned on Morpheme's website like the previous two games.
  • King Rufus' personality is much different in this game than any other. He is now shown to be unsympathetic to Croc, not caring that he might get hurt and not even bothering to tell him that he's getting wed. This is likely because the Croc Mobile series was developed entirely by Morpheme ltd. with no direction from Argonaut Games whatsoever.

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