Croc Mobile Pinball is a mobile game. The game was released around the same time as Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble!, another game made by Morpheme. It is a simplistic pinball game featuring Croc himself, a Gobbo, a Dantini, a Snake and Baron Dante. Crystals (known as Gems in this version) and a Heart can also be found on the pinball board.


Points can be earned in a number of ways, including by hitting the trees, entering the slot for Baron Dante, sliding down the snake or the crystal path and by getting any of the bonuses.


Bonuses can be achieved by hitting the Dantini a few times (Multi Ball), entering the Heart slot (Extra Ball) or entering the Key slot (which varies, and can sometimes even block you from receiving another Bonus for a while in the case of a booby prize).


  • This was the second released Croc: Mobile game, according to Morpheme's website.


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