The Croc games were subject to various contests to help promote the games.

Argonaut Contest

Back in late 1997, Argonaut sponsored a mail in contest, held by Ziff-Davis Inc. to help promote the first Croc game. The contest pictured to the right was featured in Ziff-Davis gaming magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly in late 1997. To enter the contest, you had to mail in a postcard with your name, address, & phone number to their sweepstakes department.

The prizes included: 1 Grand Prize received a suede wool-embroidered limited-edition jacket, 1 leather Croc backpack, 1 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos game, 1 Croc T-shirt, and 1 Croc hat. 5 First Prize winners received 1 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos game on the console of their choice, either PlayStation or Saturn and 1 leather Croc backpack. 15 Second Prize winners received 1 Croc T-shirt and 1 Croc hat.

Winners were decided by a random drawing held on December 1st, 1997. Winners were notified by mail and telephone.

Fox Interactive Contest

Fox Interactive also held a contest with similar prizes. To win, people had to answer the question: What's in CROC's Backpack?

There was one grand prize winner, one first place prize winner and 20 second place winners. Prizes included a suede wool-embroidered limited-edition jacket, leather Croc back backpack, Croc T-Shirt and Croc hat, much like the Argonaut contest. [1]

CROC 2 "Down Under" Sweeps

A contest held by Fox Interactive and Life Savers (also known as the Gummi Savers/Fox Interactive CROC 2 SWEEPS! and Croc 2 Australia Sweeps) was held in 2000. To enter, people had to enter their details on the Gummi Savers website, or send their details to them via a postcard.

The grand prize winner received an 8 day / 7 night trip, for a family of four, to Australia, plus $1,000 in spending money. 50 first place winners received a PlayStation console. 100 second prize winners received copy of Croc 2 for the PlayStation. Finally, 200 third prize winners received a strategy guide for Croc 2. Each winner also received a full box of Gummi Savers (24 pouches). [2]

Crocs Away!

A competition was held in UK newspaper The Mirror, on August 14th 1999. To win, people had to phone a number and name Croc's arch enemy.

The five winners received a bumper pack containing a game, rucksack, frisbee, T-shirt, yo-yo, lunchbox box, key-ring and beanie toy and watch. [3]


Another contest held in the UK for a popular PlayStation Magazine was searching for the biggest Croc fan. The winner won a tour around the Argonaut studios.


  • Croc Wikia user Croc Dundee won the grand prize for the Argonaut contest.




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