Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

The Croc games were subject to various contests to help promote the games.

Argonaut Contest[]

Back in late 1997, Argonaut sponsored a mail in contest, held by Ziff-Davis Inc. to help promote the first Croc game. The contest pictured to the right was featured in Ziff-Davis gaming magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly in late 1997. To enter the contest, you had to mail in a postcard with your name, address, & phone number to their sweepstakes department.

The prizes included: 1 Grand Prize received a suede wool-embroidered limited-edition jacket, 1 leather Croc backpack, 1 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos game, 1 Croc T-shirt, and 1 Croc hat. 5 First Prize winners received 1 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos game on the console of their choice, either PlayStation or Saturn and 1 leather Croc backpack. 15 Second Prize winners received 1 Croc T-shirt and 1 Croc hat.

Winners were decided by a random drawing held on December 1st, 1997. Winners were notified by mail and telephone.

Fox Interactive Contest[]

Fox Interactive also held a contest with similar prizes. To win, people had to answer the question: What's in CROC's Backpack?

There was one grand prize winner, one first place prize winner and 20 second place winners. Prizes included a Croc suede wool-embroidered limited-edition jacket, leather Croc backpack, Croc T-Shirt and Croc hat, much like the Argonaut contest. [1]

CROC 2 "Down Under" Sweeps[]


A contest held by Fox Interactive and Life Savers (also known as the Gummi Savers/Fox Interactive CROC 2 SWEEPS! and Croc 2 Australia Sweeps) was held in 2000. To enter, people had to enter their details on the Gummi Savers website, or send their details to them via a postcard.

The grand prize winner received an 8 day / 7 night trip, for a family of four, to Australia, plus $1,000 in spending money. 50 first place winners received a PlayStation console. 100 second prize winners received copy of Croc 2 for the PlayStation. Finally, 200 third prize winners received a strategy guide for Croc 2. Each winner also received a full box of Gummi Savers (24 pouches). [2]

Crocs Away![]

A competition was held in UK newspaper The Mirror, on August 14th 1999. To win, people had to phone a number and name Croc's arch enemy.

The five winners received a bumper pack containing a game, rucksack, frisbee, T-shirt, Yo-Yo, Lunch Box, key-ring and beanie toy and watch. [3]

The Croc 2 Giveaway[]

Croc 2 chocolate

In the UK, Cadbury's hosted a contest to celebrate Croc 2. To participate, people had to purchase a packet of Cadbury's Caramel Cake Bars 5 pack, Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Cake Bars 5 Pack, Cadbury's Fudge Cakes 6 Pack or Cadbury's Jaffa Cubes Multipack. The inside tray would reveal if the participant was a winner or not. If not a winner, the tray would read:

Sorry! Try again! But no crocodile tears

and list the eligible packs.

200 people won a PlayStation, plus copies of both Croc and Croc 2. 200 people won copies of both Croc and Croc 2. 1,500 people won a Croc 2 t-shirt or a Croc 2 flying disc.

Croc Competition[]

Although the prizes weren't Croc themed, Official UK PlayStation Platinum Special magazine hosted a contest to promote the upcoming Croc 2, with prizes being supplied by Fox. To enter, people had to answer the question stated in the magazine and send them in to the 'Croc Compo' address. Four winners received a stereo worth £500.

PSX Extreme[]


Polish magazine PSX Extreme held a contest in one issue of the magazine in which the winner won a Croc backpack and a copy of the game. 10 people also won a Croc T-Shirt.

To win, players had to answer the question, "Who is Croc's greatest enemy?". The winners were picked at random.

Dog Tired[]

Although not entirely Croc themed, a contest held by the Official PlayStation Magazine in issue 84 included some Croc 2 prizes. To win, players had to free Fido in the PlayStation game A Dog's Tale, and send in a photograph. Alternatively, they had to 'video their walkies'. Every entrant received a Croc badge and Yo-Yo.


Another contest held in the UK for a popular PlayStation Magazine was searching for the biggest Croc fan. The winner won a tour around the Argonaut studios.

The UK Official Playstation Magazine also had more Croc prizes in issue 51 - a Croc 2 Lunch Box and Frisbee.


  • Croc Wikia user Croc Dundee won the grand prize for the Argonaut contest.