Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

There are several difference between the Croc 2 releases.

Between the PAL and the NTSC-U versions of Croc 2[]

  • In the NTSC-U version, jellies have been replaced with Gummi Savers, and so has Swap Meet Pete's dialogue about them.
  • The language select for the NTSC-U PC version has been removed for unknown reasons. It remains in the game files, which makes it even stranger since it was specifically removed.

Between the Playstation and PC versions of Croc 2.[]

  • Croc's head is now smoothed with spherical eyes. Also applies to Croc's family
    • Unfortunately Croc's family now looks extremely odd, and almost identical to Croc. His father's moustache wasn't adjusted to his new head model, his mother doesn't have eyelashes, and his younger brother doesn't have his larger eyes.
  • Better graphics and higher draw distance. Plus the PC version doesn't suffer from the PSX version's low draw distance and jagged polygons which the PlayStation was known for. The game by standard puts a smoothing filter on all textures, but it is possible to disable it. The smoothing filter ruins some 2D sprites in the game by giving them an unnatural line.
  • Unlike most PC games of the era, especially children's games, Croc 2 is compatible with all modern day graphics cards, so all resolutions are possible.
  • Sailor Village was modified.
    • The "Welcome to Oki-Doki" sign was reversed and now "Bye-Bye!" is visible.
    • In the PC version, going North from the beach has you eventually walk on the first bridge. In the Playstation version you walk into a wall.
  • Unfortunately, the game removes a song in Rescue the Ice-trapped Gobbos level. The song (popularly called "Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos 2") was cut presumably to save space on the disc, as the size limit of the PC version was nearly met.
  • Croc's kart was recolored slightly and lacks the back number stamp. The front number stamp was kept however, and this change was made to presumably differentiate Croc's kart with the Dantini's karts.
  • Replaces the lower quality blue Swap Meet Pete Card in exchange for a higher quality Purple card.
  • The music has been compressed slightly to conserve space. Both versions of Croc 2 have Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound unlike the first game. As such, the PlayStation version has better audio.
  • In the PC version, the "add nine heart pots" cheat is non-functional as result of a glitch. Entering the glitch will procure no sound, but the game does recognize if the cheat was entered on a software level.
  • Croc starts with 3 hearts in the PlayStation version, while he instead starts with 5 hearts on PC.