Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos
PSX - Croc 2 4-30-99

The Croc 2 - April 30 1999 Prototype is the earliest dumped prototype for the game (excluding demos). It features several differences, but the biggest changes come from this prototype's dialogue banks. Nearly all of the text was changed for the official release.

Level Changes[]

Sailor Village[]

  • The Smash Box is placed on the opposite side.
  • The Gobbo you first meet has abrupt animations.

Find the Key! Save the Gobbo![]

  • The first Smash Box appears in the same location as it does in the demos.

Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests[]

  • Called 'Find 3 Lost Treasure Chests' in this build.

Croc VS Dantini Boat Race[]

  • Red Crystal is at the end of the track, not the start.

Save the Bird from the Thief[]

  • Different start position.

Get the Gobbo's Sandiwch![]

  • Different start position.

Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos![]

  • Different start position.

Chase the Choo Choo Train[]

  • The train cutscene plays out differently.

Hang Glider Valley[]

  • Steam (wind?) trails off the back of the hang glider.

Find the Wheels in the Mine![]

  • Called 'Find the wheels in the Mine!' in this build (minor grammar error).
  • The mine cart is over a little.

Find the Wheels in the Jungle![]

  • The camera is different in the cave.

Climb the Devil's Tower[]

  • A Smash Box is missing from the fourth area.

Save 50 Trapped Gobbos![]

  • One Gobbo on a pillar has no fire surrounding him.
  • One wall has a fire not seen in the official release.

Venus Fly Von-Trappe[]

Save 30 Gobbo Babies![]

  • Called "Save 25 Gobbo Babies!" in this build.
  • Croc needs to tail whip the vases, which can cause the Baby Gobbos to cry easier.
  • There's a strange glowing effect on the door near the carousel.
  • The Baby Gobbos can end up on the edge of the playpen. When this happens, it still counts as being saved.

Up the Waterfall[]

  • There's an extra Tree Snake in the water. Probably removed because it's easier just to rapidly hop over than it is to grab the tail.

Dialogue Changes[]

A LOT of dialogue was changed in the game. See for a full list of changes.

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