Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

This page is a list of all demos of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.

PS1 Demo[]

Due to the HUD in the demo, it seems this is a demo of the v0.16 Beta release of the game.

It is said to come from the PS1 CD Sampler Pack.

Official PlayStation Magazine[]

Official UK PlayStation Magazine's Demo Disc 8 Volume 2 featured a playable demo of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.

The gameplay suggests that this demo was taken from a final or near final copy of the game.

PC Demo[]

This demo is different to the PS1 demo. It seems to connect parts of the levels in the final version:

  • Island 1, Level 4: The Tumbling Dantini - Part 1
  • Island 3, Level 5: Leap of Faith - Part 1
  • Island 3, Guardian 1: The Deadly Tank of Neptuna - Part 2
  • Island 1, Level 2: Underground Overground - Part 2
  • Island 2, Secret 2: Ice Bridge for Eternity - Part 1
  • Island 4, Level 1: The Tower of Power - Part 4

Japanese Demo[]

Croc JP Demo

A Japanese demo was released. It came in a clear CD case, and only contains the starting level, And so the Adventure Begins.

The game appears to be identical to the final, with the exception of a screen popping up on boot regarding the demo and how things may change in the final release.

Another demo appears on PS1 Yoi Ko to Yoi Otona no.PlayStation Taikenban Vol.1, but this version seems to be the final game, lacking even the additional message.

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