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Croc's family is seen only in the final cutscene of Croc 2 after Croc had beaten Baron Dante. The island that they lived on (dubbed Crocodile Island by fans) was accessed by the Professor Gobbo's airplane.

Croc's father wears a blue and white striped full body suit, carries a pipe, and has a moustache. His mother wears a pink and white striped body suit, wears a hat, and has eyelashes. Croc's younger sibling looks almost like Croc only smaller with larger eyes and without the backpack. The gender is implied to be male. Very little can be learned about these characters in the short amount of time they are introduced.


When Croc was very young, his parent's put him in a basket and sent him through sea to the Gobbo Archipelago. Years passed and Croc found a bottle on a beach containing a message from his parents, who were looking for him since Baron Dante no longer threatened the Mainland. In the end, Croc reunited with his family after defeating Baron Dante for the second time.

The Eggs[]

On Crocodile Island, Croc's Parents have three blue eggs in a basket. At the end of the final cutscene, Baron Dante is shown stealing these eggs. The object of the bonus levels is essentially to retrieve the three eggs from their various hiding spots.


  • In the PC version of Croc 2, Croc's family share Croc's updated model, sharing a smoothed head with spherical eyes, rather than the Playstation version which is more blocky.
    • However Croc's Family also loses some of their features, making them less unique. His father's moustache isn't modeled with the new head in mind, his mother's eyelashes are absent, and his younger brother's eyes aren't as large anymore, in fact he's identical to Croc without the backpack.
  • Croc separated from his family once again after the epilogue of Croc 2, due to how he returned to the mainland.


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