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Coloured Crystals are a special type of crystal.

In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos[]


Coloured Crystals are collected in a normal level to unlock the Crystal Door at the end, which usually contains a challenge in which Croc must complete in order to get the final sixth Gobbo in the level. They are found in Smash Boxes, disguised as regular crystals, or just laying around. They can be used to unlock the Crystal Door by finding all 5 of the Coloured Crystals on a level. The crystals come in five colours: Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow; and White (in order to camouflage coloured ones) which will change back into a coloured crystal once collected. The disguised crystals also add one regular crystal to your count. This may help when Croc is hurt (so he doesn't lose a life) and helps to get the goal of 100 crystals which awards an extra life.

In Croc 2[]

Croc 2 crystals

The Coloured Crystals now appear more like Coloured Diamonds, although the same colours have been used to identify them. They play a similar role in the sequel, only this time, they reveal a Golden Gobbo when all five are found instead.


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