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Clockwork Gobbo scr

A Clockwork Gobbo on a trail

A Clockwork Gobbo (known as a Robo Gobbo RoboGobbo in the Game Boy Color port) is an item and playable character in Croc 2 and the Game Boy Color port.


They can only be bought from Swap Meet Pete's General Store for 50 Crystals. In some levels, there is a special marker where Croc may use a Clockwork Gobbo to transport to an unreachable part of the level which contains usually required items to complete the level. The player can steer it in any direction but only has a limited time to get the items before it runs out.

In the Game Boy Color port, they can only be purchased after completing the level, Save Robo Gobbo. They cost 20 crystals each.


  • The Robo Gobbo sprite in the Croc 2 GBC manual shows an earlier, taller sprite with eyes facing a different way.[1]
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