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There are many cheats, hints, and tips in the Croc series. In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos you can enter a password in the Main Menu option to select a level. When selecting a level in normal play, you can select the 'Show Password' option to show the password for that level.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos



When entering passwords in the Main Menu, the letters represent the directional buttons on the controller, so U is Up, D is Down, L is Left, and R is Right. The Island passwords unlock only the first level of that Island. Note that the Island passwords will unlock only the first level of the island. Also, when using a password for a secret level, the level after will also be unlocked, because you do not have to complete the secret level in order to get to the next level. Not all passwords function correctly, for example:

Island Level Password

Forest Island


1-1 And So The Adventure Begins ULLLLDDULULURRU
1-2 Underground Overground ULLLLDDULURDRRU
1-3 Shoutin' Lava Lava Lava RULULUURLRURLUD
1-B1 Lair of the Feeble DLURLDRLRLRRDLL
1-S1 The Curvy Caverns URDLLDDRLRLDRRU
1-4 The Tumbling Dantini URDLLDDULRRDRRU
1-6 Darkness Descends DRRRLDRLRDRRDLL
1-B2 Fight Night With Flibby DRURRRRLLLLRULL
1-S2 The Twisty Tunnels RULDRRUURLDLLUD

Ice Island


2-2 Be Wheely Careful LLDLDRRLRDDDLUR
2-B1 Chumly's Snow Den ULDLRLDULRRDRRU
2-6 Licence To Chill RULURDURURDRRUD
2-B2 Demon Itsy's Ice Palace DLURRURLULLLULL
2-S2 Ice Bridge To Eternity LUUDUDDRUDDDLLD

Desert Island


3-1 Lights, Camel, Action! LURDUDURDDUDLLD
3-3 Goin' Underground RUDDDDDUDDUUUUD
3-B1 The Deadly Tank of Neptuna DLRLDULDUURURLL
3-S1 Arabian Heights ULLRURURDDLLDUU
3-4 Sand And Freedom URRRURURDDRLDUU
3-6 Life's a Beach DRDLURLDURRURDL
3-B2 Cactus Jack's Ranch LULDDLURDDUDLDD
3-S2 Defeato Burrito RUUDULDUUDDDULD

Castle Island


4-1 The Tower of Power LRLLDRRLUDUULUR
4-2 Hassle in the Castle LRLLDRRLUDDDLUR
4-3 Dungeon of Defright LRDLDURLLDRDLUR
4-B1 Fosley's Freaky Donut LLDLDURLLDLULUR
4-4 Ballistic Meg's Fairway LLDLDURLRDLDLUR
4-5 Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride LLLLDURLLDRULUR
4-6 Panic at Platform Pete's Lair LLLLDURLLDLDLUR
4-B2 Baron Dante's Funky Inferno LLLLDURLRDRDLUR

Crystal Island


5-1 And So The Adventure Returns LLDLDRRLLDRULUR
5-3 Trial on the Nile LLDLDRRLRDRDLUR
5-4 Crox Interactive LRDLDRRLRDLULUR
5-B1 Secret Sentinel LLLLDRRLLDRDLUR


For hints on particular levels, please look for the level here.

Play all soundtracks from the game:

Press Select at the "Audio Options" screen in the main menu or while selecting a level.

Invincible falls:

Pause the game as Croc yells while falling. Press Select and choose the "Quit" option. Then, select the "No" option. Press Down at the quit game screen so neither the "Continue" or "Quit" options are selected. Press X and restart the current level without losing a life.


From Adam Brazda:

In the level Panic at Platform Pete's Lair, it is possible to wholly avoid the tricky block-to-block jumps in crystal door challenge. You can jump from GOBBO #3 platform straight to GOBBO #6 platform. It is not very easy but it is possible.

GameShark Codes

1 Always have 100 crystals 8007 4964 0064
2 Always have saved 6 Gobbos 8007 496C 0006
3 Unlimited lives 8007 4FDC 0003
4 Have all 5 colored crystals 8007 4AC8 001F
5 Always have gold key 8007 4AC0 0001
6 Always have silver key 8007 4AC4 0001
7 Have all 8 jigsaw pieces 8007 4E6C 0008
8 Lava Will Not Kill You 8007 4964 FFFF
8007 C0DE 0000
Super Jump And Invincible Codes
9 Level 1-1 800D 893A 4204
800D 8910 0500
10 Level 1-2 800D 56CE 4204
800D 56A4 0500
11 Level 1-3 800D 58E6 4204
800D 58BC 0500
12 Level 1-B1 800D 03C6 4204
800D 039C 0500
13 Level 1-S1 800D 9EC6 4204
800D 9E9C 0500
14 Level 1-4 800D 484A 4204
800D 4820 0500
15 Level 1-5 800D 7B12 4204
800D 7AE8 0500
16 Level 1-6 800D 7752 4204
800D 7728 0500
17 Level 1-B2 800D 1DC2 4204
800D 1D98 0500
18 Level 1-S1 800D 8A1E 4204
800D 89F4 0500
19 Level 2-1 800D 595E 4204
800D 5934 0500
20 Level 2-2 800D 53E2 4204
800D 53B8 0500
21 Level 2-3 800D 5FD6 4204
800D 5FAC 0500
22 Level 2-B1 800D 078A 4204
800D 0760 0500
23 Level 2-S1 800D 2AE2 4204
800D 2AB8 0500
24 Level 2-4 800D 744A 4204
800D 7420 0500
25 Level 2-5 800D 7F0E 4204
800D 7EE4 0500
26 Level 2-6 800D 88D2 4204
800D 88A8 0500
27 Level 2-B2 800D 2106 4204
800D 20DC 0500
28 Level 2-S2 800D 59DE 4204
800D 59B4 0500

Note: Use only one set of codes per level. The Invincible code and Super Jump code should be used together -- do not separate them. Lava will still kill you. Turn off the Invincible code to kill Bosses. Turn the GameShark off at the title screen. Enter the level for which the codes are intended, then when Croc can move freely, turn the GameShark back on. Turn the GameShark off before you ring the Beany Gong at the end of a level.

Bonus Areas

See the article above for the full list and details


Croc 2

To enter a cheat, you must be in the main menu.

Playstation Version

  • Add 100 Crystals: Hold L1 and press Square, Square, Circle, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. Hold R2 and press Square to add crystals.
  • Cheat Menu: Hold L1 and press Triangle, Left, Left, Right, Square, Up, Up, Left, Circle. Press L2 and R2 simultaneously to show the cheat menu.
  • Infinite Lives: Hold L1 and press Circle, Down, Left, Up, Right, Triangle, Down.
  • Start with nine Heart Pots: Hold R1 and press Left, Left, Down, Circle, Square, Square.
  • Music Select: Hold R1 and press LeftCircleUpDownSquareCircleX 

PC Version

  • Add 100 Crystals: Hold A and press Space, Space, C, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. When enabled, Page Down + Space adds 100 crystals.
  • Cheat Menu: Hold A and press T, Left, Left, Right, Space, Up, Up, Left, C. When enabled, pressing Page Up and Page Down simultaneously to show the cheat menu.
  • Infinite Lives: Hold A and press C, Down, Left, Up, Right, T, Down.
  • Music Select: Hold S and press Left, C, Up, Down, Space, C, Return.
  • Start with nine heart pots: Hold S, press Left, Left, Down, C, Space, Space. (Does not work properly).
  • Position Bar: Hold S, press Space, Down, C, Up. Press F7 to toggle.
  • Credits Cheat: Hold A, press C, Right, C, C, Down, Left, Up, Right, T.


  • Add 100 Crystals: Once activated, you can add 100 crystals on command.
  • Cheat Menu: Shows a cheat menu where you can teleport to a village or modify the inventory.
  • Infinite Lives: Croc's lives never decrease, therefore you will never get a game over.
  • Music Select: Adds a new entry to the "Sound Options" menu in the pause menu that lets you choose the background music. A sound will confirm correct entry.
  • Start with nine heart pots: Receive nine heart pots. The cheat seems to not work correctly in the PC version, but is registered as a cheat in this version.
  • Position Bar: Toggles a bar at the top of the screen containing build date, level filename and position.
  • Credits cheat: Shows the game credits.


Mid-air Somersault Jump

This feature allows you to do a Somersault in mid-air when you're jumping.

  • To perform it, move forward, press both of the side-step buttons at once, then Croc will perform a jump and do a somersault in mid-air.
  • You'll actually move farther than jumping.


  • The somersault was never mentioned in the manual or game, and remained a complete secret to discover.
  • Although the "Start with nine heart pots" cheat is present in the PC version, it appears to be non-functioning. This is proven by DebugView which will acknowledge if it is activated. It is unknown if something may trigger it to work.
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