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Caveman Village is the third village that Croc visits in Croc 2, and contains eight levels. It features a river of lava, dinosaurs, a giant, sentient Venus Fly Trap, several volcanoes, Stonehenge, and a Witch Doctor Gobbo.


The inhabitants of the Caveman Village appear to have similar customs to those of humans in the Stone Age, including behavior, the houses they live, the fact that they operate in tribes, and what they wear. Despite this, they have managed to engineer a working car.


Croc 2 Levels[]

Code Title Image
3-1 Find the Wheels in the Jungle!
3-2 Find the Wheels in the Mine!
3-3 Race Day at Goldrock
3-4 Climb the Devil's Tower!
3-5 Save 50 Trapped Gobbos!
3-B1 Venus Fly Von-Trappe
3-B2 The Village Masher
3-G Caveman Tribe - Secret Mine


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Croc 2 Levels
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